Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yunus the tallest man in Asia

Yunus Mia the tallest man in Asia was born at Halira Laksham in Comilla. He was 7 feet 6 inches tall and was the second tallest human being in the world.
Yunus was the eldest son among the four children of his parents. Suddenly the growth of his body has been increasing abnormally from the 10 years of his birth. Doctors didn’t get any reasons for that abnormal growth. In the year 1981, after examine his body doctors found that he had a Diabetic. At one period he had a brain operation in PG hospital.
It was very difficult to supply necessary food and protein for Yunus Mia and his family which was most needed for the betterment of his body. Somehow the pathetic story of his life was published in various newspapers. As a result, he got the shadow at last. The Diabetic Association managed to send him free Insulin at his house. Though it was pathetic but it’s true that on his 52 years of life, he suffered a lot and passed his life lonely. He couldn’t marry any one because of his height.
Yunus Mia sacrificed his last breath in 2 August, 1999 at his own house.

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